Dodge Carvan 2001 Fuel Injectors

I just had all 6 fuel injectors changed as they were rusted. But the 4 and 6 are still miss firing. I am going through gas more than I should. I had the EGR replaced as it was stuck open. I do not want to pour more big money into this thing. What can I do. Sea foam is not working. Could it be another problem. I am starting not to trust the mechanics.

Get a second opinion from another shop.
Look for a good one here:

“I am starting not to trust the mechanics.”

Well, you’re not alone there but there isn’t any way for anyone here to help you if that’s all of the info you have.

Start at the beginning. Include all of the stuff that got you to the mechanic to begin with. There is obviously a check engine light or two involved here. Those mean that there are error codes being stored in the computer (e.g. “P1234”). Report any and all error codes that have come out. Report all of the details you can from invoices and/or conversations with the shop about what kinds of checks and tests have been done to various systems.

Also report the mileage on the vehicle and all the info you have in terms of how it has been maintained - oil changes are the least relevant - spark plugs, wires, filters, etc.

ok, on 12-22 the van went in for a tune up at 121000, spark plugs, wires. coil pack. The day before it started to miss fire. So they did the tune up and put Sea Foam in it. They said 4 and 6 were miss firing and may have to replace eventually. On 1/17 took it back in because it was still running rough. They replaced the EGR valve as it was stuck open and said that the Intake Manifold was starting to leak in which they referred me to a dealer since they do not deal with that.
At the dealer they told me that the fuel injectors were plugged with rust and leaking into cylinders causing bad carbon build up in motor. They replaced all 6 injectors along with new plugs and wires. Ran sea foam. Was still miss firing on 4 but not enough to set off the engine light.

I do not have codes. We got the van at 100,000 miles. We have had the battery replaced, transmission control module replaced and the afore mentioned issues.

The dealer told me if that there is still problems that they may need to remove heads and replace some valves.

Have someone move the #4 and #6 fuel injectors to other spots, and see if the troubles follow the injectors, or stay with the cylinders. If the problems follow the injectors, then you were unlucky, and received 2 bad ones from the dealer. Just bring it back to them, and have them give you two new ones.

If the problem stays with the cylinders, then you need to look at the condition of those two cylinders, possibly excessive carbon build up, or damaged head gasket.


our original mechanic told us that is was a blow head gasket over the phone and then changed it to the intake manifold. I do not know the difference.

These things can be verified. The next thing that should be done (because it should have been done a long time ago) is a compression test

thank you for your help

You stated the van was running fine until the first shop changed the plugs, wires, and for some unknown reason the coil pack. After getting the van back, it started to run poorly and misfire on cylinders 4 and 6. With the sequence of events leading up to this poor running condition, I have to suspect something related to the work done by the first shop, perhaps a bad coil pack (why did they replace that anyway??? If it were bad, the engine most likely wouldn’t run!) or crossed plug wires. The latter is easy enough to do when everything is fully disassembled and will definitely cause a misfire on two neighboring cylinders. The only other thing that would be likely to cause this would be a head gasket breach between the neighboring cylinders. This doesn’t normally happen suddenly, though, and is usually preceded by an overheating episode.

It’s a shame the dealership sold you six fuel injectors. Fuel injectors rarely fail in general, and I have only ever seen one go bad, ever, on this engine, and it is unheard of for all of them to fail all at once on ANY engine. Whoever is the next person to work on this vehicle needs to check the simple stuff first to rule out a pair of crossed plug wires, damaged injector wiring, etc, and maybe try putting your old coil pack back on to see if the new one was defective. If it’s not one of those, a compression test and leakdown test will determine if the heads need to come off to repair a mechanical problem (not likely) without the need for very expensive disassembly and visual inspection.

I think just for grins, if they reach, I would swap the 4 and 6 plug wires to see if misfire is gone or worse. There’s three on the side of the engine closest to radiator numbered 2,4,6. The one closest to the belt is 2.

the miss fire happened before the tune up. We brought it in because of the miss fire. They hoped a long needed tune up would help, but the cylinders still miss fired and they hoped the sea foam would clean it but did not.

The dealer showed me the cylinders and how they were rusted. We got the van at 100,000 but I still do not understand how they could rust like that. I really do not trust dealers. How do I make sure they do what is suggested?

Usually the even numbers are on the firewall side. That’s what made me think they could have gotten crossed. The back bank is done by feel. The back bank includes 4 and 6.

according to Alldata 4 and 6 are on the front bank