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Twisted Question

My mechanic says I need a “twisted pipe” for my '94 Tercel. Is there another name for this? I can’t find any reference to it in Toyota manual.

If it’s related to the exhaust system, he probably meant a Flex-Pipe.


It does have to do with the exhaust system near the front. He also called is a spiral something??

Yep. The flex-pipe is what allows the connection between the slightly twisting engine while under load to the exhaust system. Without this flex-pipe the exhaust system could hit underneath the vehicle, or the exhaust pipes could crack.


Thanks all. Now all I need to figure out is the diameter I need.

Don’t try to figure out the diameter. Simply go to the parts store and utilize their expertise. They’ll look up your vehicle, pull up an “exploded view” drawing that shows all the parts, and you can pick the part from that…along with the additional hardware you’ll need.

Don’t try to mickey-mouse this with generic parts…you’ll regret it. Use the correct parts.

Parts store expertise? Flex pipe on factory exhaust? The engine and exhaust pipe movement are supposed to move together. Ive never heard of any flex-pipe being used as factory equipment. It does work but leaks in short time. if its fairly easy to replace run with it…it works. Somebody please correct me if im wrong

Consider yourself corrected.

Car makers are using flex pipes now. They’re also using “flex joints”. That’s a joint in the exhaust with spring loaded flanges and a soft metal “doughnut” that allows some minimal articulating movement by design.

Flex pipe is used on almost all front wheel drive cars with transverse mounted engines. And I only say almost all because if I say all someone will find one that doesn’t have a flex pipe.

The others are correct, fwd cars just about all have these. Also, if you try to rig this on your own, you could easily end up with an exhaust leak, not a good thing to have, safety-wise.

I stand corrected. I knew about the spring loaded joints with the donut but never seen factory flex pipe. Yours truly. Old School :slight_smile: