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Tuscon trouble

I own a 2011. 2.4L, auto, Hyundai Tuscon. 11,500 miles. My issue is minor, yet disconcerting. You know, the service writer at the dealership gives you that look; three different writers. Three seperate visits. I’m not crazy. Intermittent problem and the scenarios can vary. Say I pull out of the garage and the “ECO” light is off. I know that the issue will strike. Accelerate and at low speed, say second or third gear, a shudder, a hiccup, I proceed. 1st stop and go and the scenario repeats itself. A mile later, the engine is up to temperature and I complete a 22 mile commute. No more issues. I may go for days. No problem. Days later, all is well. Engine at normal temp., apply brakes, a hiccup, a shudder, “Check Engine” light pops on, “ECO” goes off. I continue. Performance is normal, for days. “Check engine” light may or may not stay in for days. Both indicators may remain on or off, one or the other for days. Then one morning, lights are normal. No problem that day. Another symptom is part if the same issue; Low speed, say advancing to a stop light, stop and go. Suddenly the transmission “forgets” how to shift. Brain cramp. The vehicle lurches into second gear. Nothing audible, but a grabbing sensation, head whips back. I swear. This can also occur from a cold start. Back out of the driveway and the first mile is an adventure. Kind of like owning a standard and i’m learning to shift. Everything seems out of sync. Dash lights on, off. One or the other may stay on … or off.
Needless to say, the problem never occurs at the dealership. How do i even begin to explain this to the family mechanic? I don’t want him to dismiss me. He’s probably the best in this city, his time is limited and he’s fair, but costly. (the mechanic nazi). my best hunch … fuel system/ emissions issue. maybe even a tank of skunky gas, but 6 months ago? Dry gas seems to suppress the issue. Are there brands that i should use or avoid? My 3rd Tuscon. This one is no longer a joy. Any thoughts, please?

Have some one check the codes. If the check light is going on, it is telling you what is wrong. Codes are saved In the computer and may be read even after the light goes out.

When it happens next time, it might be wise to pull over, park, get on your cell phone and have the car towed to the dealership. Then they’ll at least have the car in the “non working” condition and have a better chance at finding this ongoing problem.

You have a lot of sympoms you are reporting;. I think you should focus on the most important one, the shuddering and lurching. I think you are right about it being in the fuel or emissions systems. The trouble codes should help the mechanic out to know which. If you know you got a bad tank of gas 6 months ago, that could be the source of the problem, as it may have clogged the fuel filter and/or the injectors. Once they get clogged, even small amounts of debris will clog them even faster. The dealership should be able to spot this problem by measuring the fuel pressure at the injector supply rail under various operating conditions.

dealership claims no trouble codes on file. go figure. that’s the catch. nothing to read.

Make several copied of your post here, mail one to the dealer and one to the Hyundai zone rep or Hyundai of America saying you want this problem on record and asking for their help. At least one should be by registered letter/

Try another dealer and see if you have the same results.