Turning Signal Stuck

every time i use my left turn signal it tends to get stuck and stay on…never turns off unless u get luck enough to jiggle it a little…so i have reverted to not using…any one know why this could be happening? Its funny cause when it gets stuck it even stays on when i turn the car off so i end up disconnecting the battery…any way to stop this? thanks in advance!! 2000 buick park ave

 I suggest replacing the turn signal.  I suspect the bulb is defective and shorting out.

 Yea, I know it lights up, but just try it and let us know if it works.

What exactly gets “stuck”? Is it the turn signal lever itself? If so, you need to replace the switch.

GM turn signal switches from this time have a high failure rate. Do a search on “GM multifunction switch”.

Try spraying some “CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner” into the base of the switch at the steering column to clean the contacts. When the turn signal switch started acting up on my 2000 Blazer (constant clicking noise), the cleaner fixed the problem for a few days. Eventually I replaced the switch. The switch was around $200. I installed it myself, but figure on a few hours of labor to do it.

Ed B.

thanks yall…i will take yall advice into consideration…@steve the lever does not stick but the turning signal light on my dash and on the front and back of vehicle stays on. and it doesnt stick when i use the right signal, everything is normal there jus the left one…and the lever always pops back into place after i turn the steering wheel either way jus seems to keep the signal on when i turn left…and its not a flashing signal…the signal stays solid green on my dask and solid turn signal bulbs on the front and back of the car too.

Solid lights usually indicate there’s a bulb burned out in the circuit somewhere. I believe your car also has that cute little light on the front fender designed so you can see the curb (cute, but useless unless you sitck your head 5 feet out the window). It could be that light, or a portion of that specialty circuit that has failed.

Or the bulbs aren’t of the correct wattage, and won’t “heat up” the relay.

Of course, I’m assuming when you say “stay on” you mean the lights just never turn off, and not that they blink forever.

ya ur right chaissos it stays on solid not flashing…ill definately try the bulbs first and let yall kno

The flasher might need checking.

flashing_lights have you fiqured out the problem.I have a buick pa having the same problems. Its very frustrating.

no justinnn unfortunately I havnt had the time to get it fixed… it still gets stuck so I have resorted to not using it for now but I am takin it over to a to a real rip off (shop) tomorrow so when I get it fixed I will def update this thread . Does any1 know if this problem will effect my emissions test? First time to emissions any advice?