Turning over engine with disconnected injectors

i’m going to replace the turbo on my mitsubishi outlander and im wondering how im going to test the oil feed line. my plan was to disconnect the fuel injectors and then turn over the engine to check the flow of oil to the turbo feed line. Do any of you guys know if that a way to do it and if thats going to cause air to come into the system or if thats going to hurt the fuel pump. thanks for answers.

Remove the fuel pump relay before you crank the engine over.

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if i do that wil i need to bleed the fuel system after?

Remove the ECU fuse in the fuse box under the hood.


No, you won’t need a bleed. Disconnect the injectors as well if that is a worry.

So i can just disconnect the injectors or do i need to disconnect both the injectors and relay?

either way pull the relay so it wont be spraying fuel when you crank the engine.

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okey thanks!

I usually leave the ignition off, remove the starter relay and jump the connection with a wire.