2008 ford taurus wont start after fuel injector replacement

I just changed the fuel inject on my Ford Taurus X. I got a cyclinder 6 misfire and after i replaced it the engine wont stay running after I turn it over. It wont idle either. When i give it gas the engine revs but when i release the pedal their is a high pitched whining in the engine and then it dies. Any ideas?

Maybe the o-ring for that injector slipped. Did all injectors on that bank have to come out?

Try spraying some starter fluid in the area where the injectors had to be removed. If that makes the engine run better, the injectors probably aren’t sealed properly, which creates a big vacuum leak, causing the engine to run lean and very poorly. That would most likely be caused by a faulty injector installation, forgetting to install a new o-ring seal, etc. Anytime an injector is removed, a new o-ring seal must be used when you re-install it. And the O-rings usually are supposed to be soaked in gasoline for a while before installing the injectors. I removed & installed injectors quite a few times on my old VW Rabbit, and I know from that experience it isn’t a simple process to get them installed correctly. Often the O-rings would distort in the process. Mechanics who have done this job a lot of times have tricks they’ve learned to make sure the injector and o-ring seat properly.