'87 Olds 3.8L No signal to fuel injectors

I recently swapped a motor into a Delta that fired right up and ran fine for ten minutes, as I was topping off coolant motor lost oil pressure.

I shut it down, pulled the oil sensor and cranked the motor, no oil pressure and now no fuel injectors either.

I swapped the working oil pump off the other motor and I’m still struggling with getting it to prime. I’ll have to pull the filter housing and pack more patroleum jelly in.

Fuel pressure KOEO = 37PSI at the fuel rail

I used a light bulb and tested the injector harness - vehicle side - and got no signal across any of the terminals to the ground terminal while cranking.

The “Fuel Injectors” fuse is good, the PCM fuse is good and the computer responds with the 12 code when I jump the pins. I checked all of the fuseable links I could find under the hood - all good.

Would this early of a model have a fuel shutdown for oil pressure failure? The car ran up until I shut it off. Now - no fuel injectors.

Yes it does. The fuel relay should operate first and then once 4 # or so is reached, the signal should be going through the oil sender. Crank sensor?

What’s the patroleum jelly in the filter housing theory? You don’t seem to be very concerned with the oil pressure situation.Could you see why the old pump failed once you had it out?

Until there’s enough oil pressure to close the oil pressure switch, the fuel pump isn’t going to continue to run.
You may have burned out the engine computer drivers for the fuel injectors by using that lamp to test them with. There are 'noid fuel injector test lights at the auto parts store. Much safer to use.

You have to pack the oil pump in vaseline in order to prime it. If you don’t, no oil will pump and bye bye engine. This isn’t exactly in bold print in even the factory manual though.