Turning off ignition when CD is playing

Am I doing damage to my CD/radio if I turn off the ignition when the CD is playing?

Your key likely has 2 positions; the “accessory”, where you will be able to play the radio and cd, and the “ignition” which will allow you to start the car.

Years ago this ignition setting would put current through the points and wear them out (fusing). Today, I don’t think you are doing any damage there, but the battery will drain faster since many other circuits are energized. You would also engerizing the fuel pump, and puttiong needless stress on it.

Not sure why you ask the question, since there is a specific setting for accessories.

My intention is not to continue listening to the music. I refer to the situation where the cd player is playing and I turn off the ignition completely and leave the car.

No, you will not. And since the CD player goes off when you turn the key to “off”, you need not worry about it causing a parasitic drain on the battery.

OE cd players and correctly installed aftermarket have a ‘memory power’ circuit that is live at all times. This hot power line allows the player to reset and enter standby mode AFTER you turn off & remove the key.
No damage done.

Lean near the player when you remove your key, you may hear it doing something inside for a second or two after.