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Turn signal oddity

Car: 1999 Camry

The turn signal works properly except -

when the parking or headlights are turned on and the right (only) turn signal is activated which causes it to blink rapidly.

The right turn works at normal blink rate with the headlights off and the left turn works normally with the headlights on or off.

I can’t imagine the bulbs (which all work) know the difference in inputs and I’ll be surprised if there is circuitry in the flasher unit that distinguishes between right and left.

I’d appreciate and inputs on this. Thanks.

Look in the right rear taillight housing for a ground wire. It will be daisy chained between all the bulb sockets. This wire is probably broken somewhere between the taillight housing and the ground point.

I won’t have the car back until Christmas, but will check the ground then. Thanks.

I agree with Keith’s advice about the ground. Check the bulb socket also if it is the type that grounds the base of the bulb.

Replace the right turn signal lamp, rear first. It is likely a defective lamp.