Turn Signal Fuse?

I went to turn and all my signals were gone.

Got home, pulled the fuse, tested it with one of those things that lights up, it’s fine. Put another fuse in anyway just to see. Now they work.

Can a fuse not look broken and test OK and still be bad?

The original fuse may not have been making total contact in it’s holder or perhaps an element within the fuse was partially burned and when you removed it to test it made connection again.

One thing you can do is lightly spray some electrical contact cleaner into the fuse/bulb holder/sockets when testing or replacing.

New fuses can look good (as well as bulbs) and still not work. Mass production isn’t a fine art.

For this reason I always buy two of each whenever one is needed.


Thank you. Agreed on “mass production”. I have a huge box of fuses that I got at Walmart for about 10 bucks, all different amps and about ten of each. It also comes with that little tester that I’m sure isn’t all too reliable.

My main concern was to not have it be something annoying since the car is really old.

Yep, it’s bound to happen as the vehicle ages, most electrical connections get dirty or corrode and disconnect or they come loose from a bracket and rub on something metal and short out.

What year is the Buick and mileage?


It’s a 1994 Skylark 6cyl; it just turned 145K the other day. I’m also getting a svc engine light that comes on for about ten seconds when I start the car, then shuts off once I put the car in drive and go about ten feet.

I can certainly see what you’re saying.