Turn Ignition Key, No Response

Over the last 6-8 months every so often (maybe a couple times a month) my truck will not start when I turn the ignition key. There is no clicking noise, nothing. Sometimes the interior lights come on, sometimes they do not. After turning the key a couple times, it will fire up like nothing is wrong. Just looking for an opinion on what the problem might be. Battery is couple years old, and no issue with loose cables or corrosion.

The next time it happens, try starting the truck in Neutral instead of Park in case the Neutral Safety switch is acting up. I had a 95 Dakota that would do this occasionally, but it would start right up in Neutral.

Ed B.

Thanks Ed. I will give this a try next time. I appreciate the reply.

Make model and year would help.

Do you have a lot of keys, tags or trinkets on your key ring? That extra weight can cause wear.

Battery can be bad even when new. Many auto part stores will check the battery for free. However I doubt if it is the battery.

Since it appears you have an automatic transmission, I would follow up on Ed’s suggestion first. Then look into the lock and the clock spring. (clock spring is the device that connects the switches etc on the steering wheel with the rest of the car.)