Turbo again

I have a 85 T Bird with a Garrett To3 turbo on it i bought a rebuild kit and want to start on this project but the last time i started the car i noticed i was not getting any psi reading on the gauge in the dash. I always had a good reading in the past. Could this mean something has broken in the turbo? I checked for leaks in the main connecting hose to the intake and it seemed fine.Thanks for any help

Other than a bad or sluggish turbocharger, even a vacuum leak can cause a loss of boost pressure and a leak can exist anywhere; canister, stuck open EGR valve, cruise control hoses, or even inside the dashboard with the A/C heater controls and vacuum pods.

If you’re using the factory boost gauge then I’m surprised it worked for as long as it did. Get a proper aftermarket gauge and put it where you like. You need a proper reading if you’re going to play with a turbo.