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I have a 2001 Ford F150 V8 pickup. It has 60000 miles with no previous engine work. It is running sluggish and has no power. The Ford dealer wants $450.00 for a tune-up but will not identify what turn-up consists of. What is a turn-up on a computerized engine?

If he can’t tell you what he is going to do, go somewhere who will detail the work. That is simply BS. Tune ups vary with the mechanic and shop. I expect plug change out, air filter inspection, plug wires, etc inspection. Certain items like distributor cap replacement and wire replacement might be included, but that should be clearly stated.

Time to find a quality independent who will work with you and explain what will be done on repairs.

So they want you to pay them $450 but they won’t tell you want they are going to do. I suspect you already know the answer.

There is no reason to go to that dealer and frankly you likely will be better off with an independent local garage.

Different cars have different maintenance requirements. I suggest that you check your owner’s manual if you still have it and get all the scheduled maintenance caught up. If you don’t have a manual, check on line, you may be able to buy one.

The on thing I often disagree with is automatic transmission fluid. I suggest changes every 30-40,000 miles. Don’t fall for the story that changing the fluid causes problems. What happens is many people don’t change it until it is showing problems and when it fails (which it was about to do anyway) they blame it on the fluid change.

Chances are you should change the plugs, fuel and air filters plugs and maybe wires.  

Have you had any check engine lights show up?

There’s really not much in doing a tune-up on this engine.

Just unbolt the fuel rails so the injectors can be pulled out to gain access the coil-on-plugs. Then unbolt each coil off the intake manifold. Then with the proper tools for plugs, get down the wells to pull the plugs. Putting it back together is a whole lot funner!


No. No engine lights. Just very sluggish and slow. Kicks into overdrive on any small slant… What is a normal price for a tune-up on this engine? Any quesses? thanks.

If they won’t tell you, they shouldn’t be trusted. Go somewhere else.

Have you kept up with all of the scheduled maintenance?