Cost of a Tune up

I have a 2001 Lincoln Continental with 75,000 miles. and I asked the local repair shop what the tune up schedule is since I do not remember ever having a tune up or replacing the plugs. They said $300. Is this out of line. What should I expect will be repaced or done for a tune up

The actual contents of a "tune up"vary, so you’re asking the wrong folks. Ask the shop for an itemized list of what they will do. Then tell us what’s on the list. Then we can say things about what you need, don’t need and whether the costs are reasonable.

Many tune ups include some oem parts and additional charges to check this that and the other. Minimal tune up is basically spark plugs. Some plugs can be expensive to replace. I do not know the costs involved in your car in particular, but get 3 quotes, look over the specs for the work and make your decision.

That sounds right if they are going to replace the spark plugs as well as the spark plug wires, distributor cap & rotor and maybe even the air filter.

A tune-up is really a misnomer anymore. You could consider it more of a maintenance service instead.

Spark plugs, servicing the PCV valve, fuel/air filters, and inspection/cleaning of the plug wire end, or replacement if necessary, should be considered part of it.

If they’re charging you 300 bucks to change the plugs only then I stop the wagon right then and there.
You should clarify this before agreeing to anything. It’s also possible that the price could be right for plugs only IF you live in high labor rate areas like the east and west coasts.

Flat rate X 150 dollars an hour can add up very quickly.

When you go to the store, do you ignore the prices, hand the clerk your wallet, and tell them to take out whatever is needed? If not, then maybe you should open your owner’s manual, read the maintenance schedule yourself, and make a list of items that need to be done.

The term “tuneup” is now archaic and is totally non-specific.

The Lincoln Owner’s Manual will list exactly what needs to be done at each major service interval (30k, 60k, 90k, 120k, etc). Even though your car has only 75k miles on the odometer, because of the passage of 9 years, the service that should be done is the one that is listed for 120k miles.

Copy that list of maintenance items and take it to 2 or 3 mechanics to get their price quotes. That way, you will have the necessary services done without a mechanic skipping something that is vital, and you should be able to get a decent price for all of the work.

VDC is right on; in addition to those required items, if you have done nothing to the car, a good mechanic will find belts to replace, check your cooling system for strength, check the brakes, etc.

In other words, needed wear items will catch up with you at 75,000 miles, and you will likely get a list for all those “deferred” items coming to at least $500-$600. And these will not be bogus items.

I had the complete Nissan 56,000 mile service done when I bought the car used (still under power train warranty), and could not trace the records. The total came to $550 and included platinum spark plugs (original ones were copper), transmission service, cooling system service, air filter, lube job, oil and filter change and a few other items.

I would accept the offer too… I was expecting 350. thinking that you have a particular vehicle with so much to tuned up. Ask someone from auto parts shop you know…