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Tune up gone really bad!

I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier that a had a buddy perform a tune up. Now my buddy has disappeared and my truck miss fires on start up and occasionally looses power when you drive it. I also noticed that It consumes more gas. I went from 305 miles on a 17 gallon tank to 230 miles. Heeeeeeeeelllllppppp please!!!

Without knowing what your buddy did it is hard to figure out what to un - do to fix this. Your name has ‘Diesel’ but you say it consumes more gas. What engine do you have, is it gas or diesel, any symptoms before the tune up? Is the check engine light on and if so what codes is it giving? Without any more info it is difficult to work on a fix. The first place I would start is to make sure the correct plugs (if it is a gas engine) were put in correctly. Make sure the gaps are the proper size. Make sure the wires are secure.

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Is the Check Engine Light on? If so get a parts store to read the codes and post them here.

Thank you Steve CBT, I will drive to autozone and have them provide the codes. I’m not a mechanic and know nothing about cars. I just listen to car talk every week so I thought I can ask. The check engine light was on before my buddy performed the “tune up”. It is gas, “Diesel” is just a name I thought would sound cool.

Diesel-After you solve your problems it would be best to actually check your fuel mileage the proper way instead of just how far you went before refueling. That will let you have a better idea of real MPG. It also might keep you from having the fuel level in the tank getting to low.

Since you say you know nothing about cars, you should be aware that if the check engine light is on and is flashing, you need to not drive it. Have it towed to a shop. Flashing check engine lights mean “expensive damage is probably occurring right now.”

If it’s on, but not flashing, you can drive it to the parts store to get the codes read. Be sure to get the actual code, which will be a P followed by 4 numbers. Don’t just take the counter guy’s explanation for what the codes mean.

If the CEL was on before the “tune-up” you might have two problems. The original one that triggered the light and now a possible second problem with your buddy’s tune-up. Get the codes read and also try to figure what your friend did.

Good day car talk community. I just got back from Autozone. Below are the codes that you requested.

a) P0300 Multiple Misfire Detected
b) P1143 H02S-11 (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Lean shift Monitoring (Bank 1)
c) P0132 H02S-11 (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit High Input (Rich Shift)
d)P0328 Knock Sensor Circuit High Input (Rich Shift)
Then the codes repeat again.

I tried to call my buddy a couple of times and he has not returned my call. His now ex girlfriend says she does not know where he is but last she heard he had moved out of state. Let me know what you think before I take it to a reputable shop.

Ohh and the A/C does not work. I bought the 30 dollar refrigerator cans, loaded it and no cold air.

Did he replace the wires? Did the wires get snapped on the plugs and cap properly. Did he get them put back in the proper firing order? Did he use oem plugs and high quality wires? This is where I would start after getting the codes.

The black plastic snorkel that feeds air from the filter to the engine may be loose or split and leaking air that hasn’t been detected by the air flow sensor. Check that snorkel closely.

I bought the tune up kit from Autozone which contains wires, spark plugs, fuel filters…I guess he did not install them right…

What was the brand of spark plugs?
If it was a brand other than Nippon Denso or NGK plugs, the problem could be as simple as the brand of spark plugs.
For reasons that I cannot fathom, most Japanese engines do not take well to Champion, or AC Delco, or Autolite, or Bosch, or other brands of spark plugs.
Use ONLY the brand and model spark plugs that are listed in the Owner’s Manual!