Nissan Frontier Dying

My 2000 Nissan Frontier truck keeps dying, after it is warmed up. It will die multiple times. Diagnostics have been negative. It smells fuuny, almost like an rubbing alcohol smell…Could it be converter?

“Diagnostics have been negative” ?? I presume that you must mean computer diagnostics haven’t turned up any cause? By diagnostics do you mean that no error codes are present in the computer? Or someone ran it on a scantool, it stalled out, but the scantool didn’t show any cause? You need to describe what you mean by “diagnostics”.

Here’s a good “diagnostic” - check the fuel pressure and make sure it is checked under some load.

When it dies, how does it die? Suddenly and without warning? Sputtering out? What happens after it dies? Does it start right back up? Describe. What conditions causeit to die? Does it only die at idle? Only while accelerating? Any old time? Every single time it gets warm? Only sometimes? How long will it run for? Etc. etc.

How many miles are on it? What is the general state of maintenance? How old are the plugs & wires? Air/fuel filters? Is the check engine light on.

Hard to believe the diag doesnt show anything. Nissan has one of the best systems that will
show you information on almost anything in the car. Warning they do not share a lot of the technology and shops in the aftermarket can not always communicate to the computer the way the dealer can. I am willing to bet you didnt take it to the dealer so that would be the best place to start.