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Tune In (the radio), Turn On, (the Ignition), Drop Out

I’m dropping out. I want a new vehicle that I can travel in and sleep in…not a huge recreational vehicle. A VW Micro Bus perhaps.

Any suggestions?

What about a pickup truck with a camper top? Some 4 cylinder ones may offer a longer bed.

Full size conversion vans fit this bill but they are are real pain to work on.

My move would be for a conversion van also. I would look at both full size and mini-van size.

I’d go for conversion van or a small RV. A VW Bus is not something you want to be driving in modern traffic.

Take a look at the Toyota chassis RV . . . I don’t know if they make them anymore, last one I was in was in '98, it was a few years old . . . but comfortable for one person to live/work out of, decent mpg, get a bike rack for it and you’re on your way. Google Toyota RV. Rocketman

Micro Buses and related campers are general considered very unsafe, as well as poorly handling (oversteer and crosswind-sensitive). There is no crush zone between the bumper and your knees. If you want an authentic '60s experience, that’s one thing, but I’d go with the other suggestions for safer and easier to drive vehicles.