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Tundra Design Flaw? Let Us Look

Thursday, I saw two Gen II Tundras, in the same parking lot with the same crack in the windshield of each.

The crack began in the lower corner, then continued straight up, a few inches from the pillar, to the horizontal center of the glass,

turned and continued through the drivers vision to the vertical center of the glass where it ended.

Too unusual to be coincidence.

Yes, that indicates a high stress point. Do you think these two vehicle may have been used off-road. The body would undergo much more flexing, and that flexing transmitted to the windshield, than a vehicle used only on-road.

Yeah, what are the odds that two generation II Tundras would be parked by one another in the same parking lot with the same damage. Go figure.

Did they happen to have the same company logo on the doors?

I Wouldn’t Want To Suggest Any Kind Of A Link Between The Multiple Technical Service Bulletins . . .

. . . on several Toyota vehicles, pertaining to little clips or stops on the windshield glass causing clicking noise complaints on rough roads, to this problem. That too must just be a coincidence, I’m sure.


They were parked in different parts of the Emeryville Marina, near Oakland, California.
Privately owned.
Off road? In a megalopolis? Naaah. Nobody from this area would dare getting dirt on the tires.