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Rant-Glorious Toyota

My mum who lives in coastal NH took her 2000 Tundra with 80k in for state inspection. The garage noted some issues that would not pass but did not fix due to a major problem. They stated the frame was rotted and chipping severely.

Toyota dealer took pics to send to local rep and see what is next move.

I googled and find a local report, frame look similar to photo’s here -> http://www…tail.html#

Does Toyota deserve such a reputation they have?

Toyota makes great vehicles, no doubt about it. They have a well deserved reputation for reliability. It is only natural in the process of making millions of vehicles a year that a few will be lemons.

What was the “major problem” that was fixed? The frame is “chipping”? Does that mean that pieces of metal are falling off, or the paint is chipping? Most frames will have rust on them after 80k miles.

Based on the attached article I’d try to follow up with Toyota.

It’s a shame because the late '70’s version have frame rot due to improper ventilation along the frame rails. My '79 rotted out after 11 years. They solved the problem and my '89 lasted 17 years (until it got totalled) without a rot problem.

They’re still a good bet, as some makes have serious engine or tranny issues typically well before they make it 9 years, but it is a shame to hear.

The major problem is being review by a Toyota rep. The frame appears compromised to both my mum’s independent mechanic and the Toyota dealer. The dealer mentioned two similar year Tundra’s were recently purchased back by Toyota at full retail of used value.

It is sent off to Toyota rep.