Tuesday's 'Dilbert' designs a self-driving car!


Scott Adams has told more truths in his Dilbert comic strips than any ten business texts I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a bunch of them.


I worked for a company many years ago where Dilbert was banned in the office. It really disturbed many software engineer managers. Some can’t take a joke.

Or can’t face reality… :grin:

That’s probably closer. I lost count of the number of pointy ear managers I’ve met. Now that I’m a manager I wonder how many of my subordinates think that of me.:unamused:

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LOL, I’ve had the same feeling on occasion.
As a senior manager many years ago I went to visit with a vendor. The company president and I ran into a neighbor of mine that I didn’t know worked there. She looked at me with eyes wide open and blurted out “(my name), I never knew you were a big shot!”
Truth is, neither did I! :grin:

It’s good to think like that, Mike. It shows you care about your job and those you supervise. That’s assuming you use it in a constructive way, of course, and I think you do.