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I used TSP (trysodium phosphate)to clean my car windshield. It left a residue on the clss that could not be be removed by using 50% vinegar or regular gasoline.Do you have any recmmendation? Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you very much,


Bashir Teirab

Gasoline? I would stay away from gasoline as a cleaner. I think TSP is the same stuff in a lot of cleaners like Fantastik or 409. It works great but leaves a nasty film on glass. Pure ammonia is the best thing to remove the film that I’ve found. Just clean the windshield outside and make sure the vehicle is parked out of the sun. The fumes are terrible but it really works.

It should be a basic salt. Don’t use any hydrocarbon fluid (like gasoline) on it. That won’t help. Try using a scrubbing pad with the vinegar solution to see if it helps if you haven’t already.

Pure ammonia worked but left some mminor residue. I am going to use some more times.
My wife may forgive me but I have to pray some more.
Thank you very much,


I forgot to add that you might need to do several applications if the vehicle has been in the sun. I’m glad it’s working.

Several applications did a good job. Thank you very much.


Good Advice, Missileman !