Trying to identify and purchase an older fuse

1994 Toyota 4Runner. Fuse comes from box in driver’s side kick panel. This is a pink 30 amp fuse, with what I believe is a “Jcase” type body.

Here’s the problem. Hopefully the picture is visible. The two open areas/slots toward the center of the fuse are offset. However, I’ve seen exactly two types of fuse the match the size from auto part stores here in town, and those slots are in the middle, not offset.

Nobody seems to be able to identify the fuse (or fuse link, if that’s what it is), and while Toyota says they’ll have one tomorrow, I don’t have a lot of confidence in them.

So… can anyone tell me exactly what this fuse is so that I can search for a seller if Toyota doesn’t get it?

And, while this is NOT my preferred way of doing things, and isn’t the right thing to do, while I could cut the plastic on one of the newer ones so that it would fit. I don’t want to, because I don’t know what internal changes the different body configurations signify, but it sure would be nice to at least identify if we get any farther in getting the truck running by this fuse working.



Look at the last fuse listed here at Rockauto. $2.24.,carcode,1272484,parttype,2676

Click on More info, says it protects the wiring harness

The offset slots are unimportant, the slots allow you to insert a tool and disassemble the fuse. The tabs in the fuse box engage into the wider slots.