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Trusty Mechanics

I currently live in Tampa and as my car is getting older, me and my Dad have decided that it’s time I find a trusty mechanic instead of going to the dealer all the time for various work I may need in the future. Is there any way I can get some help with local mechanics that I can trust in the Tampa area?

Thank you!

Go here

You can try this:

If you do find a place, don’t just bring the car in. Stop by first and “interview” the place. See if you and they have the same outlook and approach to car maintenance and repair.

I’m sorry, but these ratings are ridiculous. Full of shills and bad advice.
i worked almost 2 yrs as a service advisor at one of these “highly rated” shops with glowing reviews for honesty and pricing. Truth is honesty took a back seat to revenue, and both the hourly rate (not to mention the random adding of additional time over book) and parts prices were well in excess of what any dealer charged.
In part, the customers seemed to enjoy bending over and taking it, but I have a hard time believing these reviews.

Try checking with friends, neighbors and co workers. BTW If it is not covered under the factory warranty, it likely is better to avoid the dealer no mater how old the car is.

Also, the policy of the Car Talk folks with these recommendations is to only list the good comments for garages. All negative comments about any garage are blocked.

While I understand why Car Talk takes this position, it does mean if a garage get four negative reviews and two positive reviews, you will only see the two positive reviews.