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Trunk won't open

I pull the lever and the trunk stays shut. I can open it with my key but it would be nice to regain the lever function. How do I fix it?

You need to see if the cable is still connected and functioning. Have someone pull the cable lever as you watch the latch in the trunk. If there is movement at the latch then the cable and connections are intact. This means the cable has likely stretched and you need to find a way to adjust the cable to take out the extra slack.

I’ve never had to do it, but my guess is there may be an adjusting nut on the lever mount next to the seat. You’ll need to remove the plastic cover to access the mount.

Great advice from Uncle Turbo. I would add lubricating the catch and latch in the trunk that holds down the trunk lid. Also clean and lubricate (with something clean like a silicone or teflon) the gasket all the way around the trunk lid that keeps water out, and the corresponding surface on the car. Could be sticky if dirty and keeping the lid from opening.

In many sedans the back of the rear seat can be removed with a strong pull forward, providing access to the trunk. There’ll be a cross brace, but it might be possible to access the inside release lever (all trunks must have them by law).

MB–The requirement for inside trunk release levers only went into effect in January 2001.
Since the Acura in question is one of those mystery vehicles whose owner did not provide model year information, his/her Acura may or may not have an inside trunk release.

Regardless, he said he can get the trunk open with the key, just not with the lever inside the car.

You’ve both made good points.

Now, if you’ll both excuse me, I need to go get my bifocals checked…

Without more detail on the year and model I can’t research this, but on my 2002 Mazda Miata turning the key in the trunk the “wrong” way disables the remote trunk release, and turning it the “right” way twice in succession re-enables the remote latch. It’s a security system to protect your stuff. If you have the owners manual for your car, look it up. If you don’t maybe you can read one online.

No Kidding? That’s a new one. When we first got our Aurora, the trunk release didn’t work so proceeded to check it out with the manual. I dang near tore into the dash before I noticed the valet switch was on. Flipped the switch and all was fine. Put everything back together again and proclaimed that I had fixed the problem.