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Toyota Camry trunk release adjustment?

My 2001 Camry has a trunk release lever on the floor between the driver seat and door. Old school, I know.
Anyway, over the decades the cable seems to have stretched. I cannot for the life of me find where exactly to adjust it.
Anyone know its location?
It opens sometimes but just does not have quite enough pull to open every time.
Thanks in advance!

I did not know that is old school. My 2005 Camry has the same. Thinking about it the 2013 Sonata has a button you push under the instrument cluster, did not know that is “new school”.

Anyway, I will start looking in the trunk, might be able to pinch it at some place and stretch the loose ends.

Old school is getting out of vehicle with key to open trunk.

Open the trunk with the key and look at the key hole inside the trunk.

If the key hole is in the horizontal position the latch is in the valet position.

Turn the key until the key hole inside the trunk is in the vertical position.

Here’s the position it should be in.