Trunk STRUTS 99 Cavalier Z24

Chevy 1999 Cavalier Z24 convertible
Trunk struts/lifts

Used to be able find easily new struts to lift trunk to chin
so fast one had to step back to avoid the surprise, these would last
2-3 years, only a bit slower in 30-40F “winters” (Texas)
and always the trunk support joints are lubed.

This year, no new struts lift beyond 1/2 way slowly, some even less than that!
Advice, please from those with this problem solved.

BOX! BXC300027036-2
TUFF 614041
WAS WGS-452-2
MAXPOW 129995

Under consideration
ACDELCO 510790 {#88963995} Professional 92# of lift
SACHS SG430040 94# of lift
MONROE 901716 Max-Lift ???# of lift = poor marketing, no thanks to buying a "pig in a poke"
STRONGARM 4113 100# of lift
AMS AUTOMOTIVE 4113 100# of lift
Rhino Pac 3162-05293480 100# of lift

Any others w/lift force ratings to end this replacement project?

Not sure what you are asking… Are these a list of trunk struts?? Are you asking which WE would suggest?

Go with a name brand. AC Delco, Monroe or Sachs.

You used to easily find replacements… Uhmm is a 19 year old car. Be thankful you can find even ONE brand replacement rather than the 8 listed here.

I have struts on my cars that are 14 to 17 years old with no replacement, ever. 2-3 years seems rather a short life. Again - name brands are your friend here.

I think he’s talking about trunk lid lift struts, the air kind that hold the lid up.
All I can suggest is an internet search. I bought some heavy duty ones for my hatch about 10 years ago, and they’ve held up well, even in NH where it can get cold in the winter.

Yeah, I know.

All 3 market trunk lift struts. Sachs makes theirs, I think AC Delco is Suspa and not sure about Monroe.

My comments stand… why do these keep failing on this car? Like you, mine have lasted a long time

OP, do you have an aftermarket spoiler? Is it a wing? Can you post a photo?

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Used to last Looong when newer, no wear tells inside on scissor lifts, thinking struts now are cheaper but just a 1/2 decade ago got some that made lid like a trampoline … forgot what brand … or here’s a new wild goose chase … inside the lid is insulation and finally got weather wet = more weight … same as when attic insulation gets a roof leak & then ceiling falls in …

Mustangman … guess I better stick with name brands

Whenever I need liftgate struts, I often can’t decide whether to buy cheap no-brand struts, or buy OEM from the dealer, or something else.

I bought my last pair at The price was less than the dealer and quality seems better than no-brand types.

Very useful, will keep this link on tap
thus far, they offer for this model
one or two listed under consideration at Rock Auto .com

OK, off to order AMS AUTOMOTIVE 4113 "100# of lift"
the most of the only TWO that offer this to blind shoppers.

my kids strut popped off the peg and broke their tail light lense. who has bad luck like that?

Hard to find lift struts can be found at most large RV parts stores. That’s where I get mine. They are better than OEM in most cases.

Agreed - finding well made w/good clips is a 50-50 chance these days

Great idea! Probably Dallas/Houston IF it was fun to drive there from this small college town that really has no selections … but nicer clerks.

Try closing the lid a little slower. When you slam it shut you put a heck of a lot of pressure on the strut seals, and they pop after a while. My wife is a lid slammer, so I know about replacing struts.

And wet insulation can weigh a lot, making any strut sag. They aren’t made to lift a lot more than the standard lid, so they won’t whack you in the face when you open the trunk. Add 15 pounds of soggy insulation and you’re lucky if it opens the trunk at all.