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Strut repair

I was told I needed new struts on my 2007 Cobalt. The price they quoted me, $845 seems excessive. Anybody care to comment? Thanks!!!

Sounds like a lot of money. Is this quote from a Chevy dealer? Pick up the phone and call around to some chain tire places, other Chevy dealers, and some independent mechanics. AC-Delco parts are good, but there are some good aftermarket struts out there too. I’m sure you can get struts for cheaper. Also, get a second opinion about whether you need struts. How many miles on this car?

How many miles on this car? It’s very unusual for a 3-year old car to need new struts unless there is some crash damage or other suspension damage.

Who told you they were needed, and what was the reason?

I suggest you get another opinion, and make sure you’re talking to a mechanic, not a salesperson at an oil change place or similar.

I agree, 3 years is too early, unless there’s a problem with them. Get a second opinion from a trusted mechanic.

Like others I am very skeptical of the diagnosis. Was the shop that told you that you needed these either a national chain or a dealer by chance?

And I would also think the quote is high. It might be for ACDelco parts which, as pacecar noted, are good but you don’t need them.

Add me to the list. Unless you put 30K a year on this vehicle it should not be ready for struts.

The car is going on 4 years old and if that age is combined with roads like we have around here it’s quite possible they could be bad.

As to the price, there’s a lot of missing info. Strut cartridges only, full struts, mileage on the car, type of roadways involved, who and what brand of strut, the area of the country you live in, etc. all play a part in that price.

I have a 2007 Ion, so you and I have the same suspension. I recently got the same diagnosis from a shop - turned out to be bogus. If it is because the car is clunking or bumping when going over bumps, it is much much more likely to be your lower control arm bushings or your sway bar bushings or a combination of the two. What was the symptom that made you originally go in?

But incidentally, to replace the struts and bearings seemed to run around $800 in my neck of the woods.

Just because your car makes noise after the repair doesn’t mean that the diagnosis was bogus - it could very well have been accurate and the repair was just poorly done.

And $800 is most certainly excessive unless you are getting all four struts fixed at the same time - if its just the fronts you should be closer to the $400-500 range, tops…

UPDATE!! My car has just under45,000 miles, and is otherwise in good shape. I think the reason they went bad is because I live in western Pennsylvania area & we had a really crappy winter with more than the usual potholes and road gouges. I asked a friend who teaches auto repair at local Vocational school and he said if I buy the parts, his students can do the work for $200.00. WOW!! The problems started after the last BIG snowstorm in late Feb. If the kids do a good job, I just might let them take care of all my future maintainance and repair work. Wish me luck!! Thanks to everybody for your input. If I have any more questions, I know where to get the answers!!!