Trunk Opening

My girl friend owns 2009 Mecury Milan.

The trunk can be opened remotely but it does not pop up/open. In the winter with gloves on, she can get her fingers in the gap to fully open the trunk. Any suggestions??

Run the issues by your Dealer,perhaps then can adjust the latch so that the lid would “pop” more.

Oldschool’s right. And if this is still under warranty, they should be more than willing to perform the adjustment free of charge.

If they claim this is normal, try another like car on the lot. If it pops up, you’ve “got” them. If not, then perhaps it is a characteristic of the car. And if so post back and I’ll offer a suggestion to modify it slightly.

I’m wondering, does this only happen when things are frozen over? Could it be the seals stuck frozen to the trunk lid preventing it from popping up? I’ve had car doors and truck lids get frozen to the gaskets and hard to open. This is even without a coating of ice on everything.

Does this use torsion bar springs …or is there some gas shock method used? One or the other (whichever is used) is reacting to the cold. You may try lubing the hinge points with something that doesn’t turn to glue in the cold.

Are you saying that she CAN, or CAN’t get her fingers in to open it?

First, keep the car cleared of snow. If you don’t, water from melting snow can run down and refreeze. My wife would not do that and it is a good thing she had a sedan. At least one door was usually not frozen shut. Has she tried to open the trunk by pushing down on it first. That might be more convenient.

Asking the dealer to adjust it and lube the gasket are good ideas.