Trumph parts

I have a tool box full of trumph tranny parts. is it worth trying to sell them? they all seem to be in good shape,( no chipped teeth, and just a little suface rust)or should I just give them to my friend to weld into little garden nomes?

Check out ebay, then decide.

Do You Seriously Think Anybody Would Care To Have A Garden Gnome That Leaks Oil?

Why pick on gnomes? Just bury the parts.

The Roadster Factory will buy rebuildible parts from you.

You don’t say what year or model of Triumph you have. If you have the cluster gear, the one with four gears of different diameters, you definitely have a saleable item. Checking ebay for recent sales is a good suggestion. Also check here: and go to the Triumph sections. One is for items for sale. Don’t worry that it’s a British website. People all over the world look at it.

Leaking oil? I was told the TR6 features an automatic undercarriage lubrication system :slight_smile: