Truckers sue PA Turnpike for excessive tolls

The PA turnpike has been raising tolls for a long time and the money is going to non turnpike projects. Interesting take on the lawsuit as they claim this interferes with interstate commerce and the tolls should only be used on turnpike maintenence.

Well, for starters, they had better call it an “undue burden” and not an “unduly burden.” Or is this is some reference to duallies, with spelling problems?

I can’t speak to the legality or constitutionality of it but it just begs to the issue that more and more people want someone else to pay for their improvements. Ya look for where you can get a pot of money that won’t affect votes and go for it. Pennsylvania has a lot of sorting out to do.

The news outlet misquoted the reference in the first sentence. Remove “of” and it matches the full quote in the fourth paragraph.

It seems the question is what tolls can be used for. It seems that PA wants to use them for any DOT project and the truckers don’t like that. Stay tuned and we will find out what happens.

Ran that road twice. Never again.

There’s aren’t many alternatives to the turnpike for someone that wants to cross the state east/west. If a trucker starts in Philadelphia, they are stuck with the turnpike. It’s a long drive north to I-80 or south to I-70/I-68. It might cost more in fuel to drive to one of the alternate routes than to pay the toll.

I believe that’s one reason hotels in Wichita Falls are so cheap. The city doesn’t have major league sports stadiums paid for by a hotel bed tax.
That, and the area around that town was land that we took away from the Indians and they wouldn’t take it back.