Truck won't start

I have a '92 Rodeo 3.1L v6 manual. A couple weeks ago I accidentally left the lights on and the battery died. I tried jumping but it didn’t work. So I tried recharging the battery. This didn’t work. Found out the battery was bad. After putting a new one in, and changing a blown fuse, it still won’t start–doesn’t seem like any juice is getting to the battery. Anyone know why this might be happening?

Use a volt meter start at battery then go follow red wire and see where it stops.
Use ohm meter put on neg battery post then other probe to medal part of motor and metal part of body.
With meter set on ohms needle should go all the way to the right, if not you have a bad ground.

If the excessive current blew the fuse, it could have gone on to blow components which the fuse serves. You’ll need a wiring diagram to which components these are.
One of these components could be what causing the engine not to start.