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Truck won't start when the engine is hot!

I have a 2001 GMC Sierra with a starting problem: When you’ve driven it long enough for the engine to reach about 210 degrees, if you stop the truck it won’t start back up until the engine has cooled down to about 200. It only does this when it’s over 80 degrees outside, though. Anyone else ever have this problem?

I’ve never had that problem but it sounds like a “heat soak” problem.

You didn’t say what it does when its not starting. Turning the key and not getting any crank at all is a completely different problem from having it crank fine but not fire up. If it turns over then you need to check out ignition system components - ignition coil/coil pack or whatever you have.

It does nothing at all - no clicks, no crank, no nothing. All electrical systems work but the engine is completely silent :(. But as soon as it’s cooled down, then boom - starts up great runs fine. We have no problem all winter long, but as soon as spring hits and the temps outside are over 80 - there it goes again. Other than that - it’s a great truck…

Start by pulling your main cables at both ends. Clean up all of the connections, maybe remove some insulation to get a look underneath, and get it all back together wrench tight. See if that make any difference. My guess though is that you may be headed for new starter.

Buddy of mine had a similar problem on a Jeep…dealer claimed it was a starter, and replaced it under warranty. I’m not saying that’s what’s wrong with your truck, but it’s something to consider. That Jeep had the 5.7L hemi, which ran very hot by the starter, and that’s why it was failing…again, according to the dealer. I was several states away during that whole process, so I can only pass along what I was told.

Thanks, ya’ll. We’ll take a look at the starter. Had a new one put in about 3 years ago. :frowning: