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My truck will not start after heating up

What would cause my truck not start after driving it for a while and the temperature only reaching up as high as a quarter of the temperature gauge? It takes roughly about 45 minutes after the temperature lowers for it to turn on. What could be the cause?? Can someone please help. 1992 5.7 350 Chevy Silverado.

This belongs in CAR QUESTIONS, not the Second Opinion booth. Please repost it.

“Not start” could mean that you turn the ignition key and nothing happens. Or, it could mean that the starter cranks the engine, but the engine does not actually start and begin running under its own power. Which situation is it?

If it is a situation of nothing happening when you turn the key, it is possible that your starter is “heat soaked”. This is something that typically happens with older GM V-8 engines. A possible solution is to place some asbestos between the starter and the exhaust manifold.