Long-term car storage

I need to store two vehicles for a year or more: a '53 Chevy pickup and an 05 Toyota Land Cruiser. I know a fuel stablilizer is needed to prevent build-up of varnish in the fuel lines. Should this be added to a full tank of gas? Should the cars be put up on blocks. The Chevy has original-type bias ply tires. Thanks!

The Chevy definitely needs to be put up on blocks if you don’t want tires with flat spots when you return. As for the gas I would add the fuel stabilizer at the gas station right before you fill up the tank, then drive the car around for a day or two before you park it. This way the stabilizer will mix fully and will also be in the fuel lines as well as the tank.

I will suggest removing the battery from both cars and storing them someplace away from the car. It make the car harder to steal and if you put the batteries someplace cool but not too cold, they may last longer. Keep them charged if possible using a battery tender.

Remember to contact your insurance company as the insurance should be lower when you are not driving the car.

Thanks very much for your great advice. Best regards, Dave Hagen

It won’t take two days for the stabilizer to circulate through the fuel system. If you add it to the tank before filling with gasoline, the stabilizer will be in the entire fuel system by the time you get home. You want the gas tank full when you park these vehicles, so don’t drive more than necessary after adding the stabilizer.

If you want to be sure, you can start adding stabilizer now. It certainly won’t hurt anything.

Make sure you plug up the exhaust pipes and air intakes; critters will find their way in if you don’t.