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How Much is a 1984 toyota SR5 short bed, regular cab, pickup with 289K Miles worth (overall good condition)?

Wish I could say more.

check out values at; and That will give you a feel for what it may be worth.

289K miles? It’s worth whatever some poor sucker is willing to pay. Once you get to this mileage, there’s no such thing as “good condition.”

In real life, it’s worth a (very) few hundred dollars, at most.

If you’re talking about a daily driver, I wouldn’t give a nickel for this truck.

The trucks were very desirable at one time. I have a rule for taking on high mileage vehicles, one of three things must be in exceptional condition,the powertrain,the body,the interior. If one isn’t great I won’t even consider it.

If this engine was properly maintained then it could easily last another 100k miles…However you have no idea if it was properly maintained or abused.

I think that there are two things you need to consider: 1) how will you use the truck; and 2) what is the price?

This truck isn’t the vehicle I would want for a coast to coast trip, or to commute any distance. However, it might be o.k. for around-town use for light duty hauling.
I wouldn’t want it as an only vehicle if I had to depend on it.

For me, the price should be priced as a disposable vehicle. If you bought the truck for $500 and ran it 2 years you probably would do o.k.

Back in 1972, I bought a 1950 Chevrolet 1 ton pick-up for $110. We had just moved to a 5 acre plot in the country. The truck was great for hauling fencing supplies, building materials, sand and fill dirt, as well as hay and straw. I even used the truck to stretch fence. I sold the truck in 1975 for $105, so I didn’ take a big hit on depreciation.

If you are considering the truck for light duty use around town, you may be fine. If you are expecting more, pass this one up.

Having owned both a '79 and an '89 version of this truck (without the SR5 accessories, just straight 4- speeds), if this is in decent shape I’d fork over $700 for it. The engines, chassis and drivetrains were pretty bulletproof and very easy to work on. The '79s had frame rust issues due to a poorly vented full-box frame, but the '84 had the issues solved.

One thing I’d suggest, however, is getting a good look underneath. Especially at the frame crossmembers. Rot has been known to develop there when they get very old.