My latest pipe dream

82 toyota SR5 runs n drives good. Body is a little dinged up. He wants 1000. whats it worth. I didnt ask the mileage

Is the tank full? If yes then about $35.00.

Im going to guess your not a toyota fan

inline 4 cylinder is bullet proof

The truck is 28 years old. Mileage matters, but at that age you should be happy that it runs at all.

Whether the price is worth it depends on what you expect to get for $1000.00.

If it runs without needing repairs for a year, you’ll probably get your money’s worth.

$1,000 is purely your choice. This truck has very little market value, and would purely be a labor of love to an enthusiast. Just like some people love the old VW Beetles from the 40’s to 70’s, there are people who love this truck. Parts are still widely available, thanks to these people.

If your looking for a market value, there is none. This is now a simple play toy, not to be considered for a reliable vehicle. This is best looked at as a hobby truck. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

Spend the money to get an independent analysis, swallow your pride on a good deal and listen to what they say!

You’ve got my vote for chuckle of the day!

You asked what it’s worth…if it’s in great shape it’s worth about $500. But before assuming it’s in great shape, get it up on a lift and get it thoroughly checked out. I would not be surprised to find a lot of rot underneath that cannot be seen from topside. Nor would I be surprised to find things like rotted brake lines and/or fittings, signs of serious leaking of any or all of the fluids, and perhaps even a totally shot suspension component or two…or three.

How much rust? If the car lived in AZ or NM all its life then it might be worth it. If it has ever seen salted winter roads, forget it.