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Truck rear-ended at high speed, crumpled bumper. Time frame?

I was hit from behind on the interstate by a driver who never even hit the breaks. I was in my Silverado and he in a smaller Toyota. The impact was great, but surprisingly the truck could be driven onto the tow truck. It suddenly said that it was out of gas, the bumper was curled inwards so the license plate was kinda folded into it.
I was shocked that it looked relatively okay except for the bumper, because the other drivers car was flattened.
State Farm will pay the claim, but it’s Friday night and I won’t hear from the mechanic until next week. This vehicle is my only ride to work so I need to know approximately how long I’ll be without it.
The bumper is definitely crushed, possibly the tailgate too. What other damage is likely, and what is a possible time frame?

That completely depends on the actual damage found and the body shops work load. The fact that the gas guage went to empty make me think there might be more than the obvious damage. Absolutely no way I can guess from here.

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Our rear ended sitting at a stoplight car took about a week, but we got a paid for rental car. We had to pay the $1k deductible as the other insurance company was not responding to ours, but got the $ back a few months later. A reputable body shop should find all the damage, gas gauge not operating included.

Edit: we drove for about a month, waiting to hear from the other insurance company, and had an appointment for the work, I am not sure what the time frame would have been if the car was undriveable.

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The other driver owes you transportation until your vehicle is repaired. Rent a car and bill him/his insurance.

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Hard to guess without even a picture. That said, the other driver hit you. The other driver’s insurance company owes YOU transportation until your truck is fixed.

If the frame is bent, and it could be, don’t be surprised if they total out the truck.

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Do you know how long it typically takes to determine if the truck is totaled? We have State Farm and they have settled homeowners claims fast, but I suppose that the first step is to determine if it is totaled.
The driver who hit me immediately acknowledged that he was at fault, and I was just in too much shock to think about taking a picture.
When I felt the impact I thought it would be much worse, especially since I had slowed down while the other driver didn’t even break. Seeing how I was pushed really far up the road, I would imagine that damage to the frame is likely. Basically the truck looked perfectly fine except for the rear bumper that had been crushed and curled inwards, some of the tail lights were busted, and the gas gauge said empty but after 2 hours there was no smell of gas and the truck could be started and driven onto the tow truck. Should I expect either a total loss or damage that takes weeks rather than days to repair? I am not concerned with the cost, since State Farm said the very most I’d pay was $500, if they determined that I had any fault.

Questions about processing time can only be answered by your insurance agent. You need to ask them directly. As to the other driver, it’s nice to know (s)he didn’t break since accidents can cause injuries. If, on the other hand, (s)he didn’t brake, then that’s why you were hit so hard.

I doubt that the truck will be totaled. What year and what is the mileage?

An estimate takes only an hour or two. Sometimes far less. The phone call back to the insurance adjuster and then done. Can be done in less than a day but sometimes a bit longer.

Considering it’s a Prius rearending a pickup truck . . .

I’m envisioning a scenario where the Prius nose partially slid under the truck, striking the plastic fuel tank. That would explain the fuel sending unit inaccuracy.

Neither a bumper or a fuel tank are hard to replace on a Silverado 1500. I’m with Kurt, in that I don’t believe the truck will be totaled. That said, if the truck is a rusty 2000 model year with 400K, it might be . . .

I’ve been with State Farm for 31 years. I’m confident they will take care of you. I don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as being at fault. My collision policy covers rental car.

Of course an estimate is always an estimate. Further damage can be discovered as repairs progress.

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Your insurer should handle everything for you. Call them and ask for a rental until your Chevy is repaired. Expect a subcompact, not a Silverado. If you need a pickup for work, make sure they know this and maybe you can get one.

Go rent a car or truck for a month. I needed a bumper cover. It took a week to get the perp’s insurance to pay, a week to schedule the body shop, and a week for the work. And it was a slow time at the body shop and only a little body work and painting, and the bill was $2800.

I suspect you have mucho hidden damage even if you can’t see it. I’m thinking bent frame. Regardless of how small the vehicle was that hit you, it was at high speed and folded the bumper down. The bumper is connected to the frame. You might well be better off to just trade.

As I recall our body shop handled the rental, dropped off the damaged car, drove out in the rental, drop off the rental and drove off in the repaired car, I imagine it was all part of the bill submitted to the insurance agency.