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Truck Problem

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab. When I step on the gas I hear this somewhat high pitched sound that gets faster the more i step on the gas. I thought it was the muffler because it was rusting through and had small holes in it. I changed the muffler and the sound still happens. Also when Im going real slow, like backing up or pulling in a parking space. My truck sounds like a squeaky bed frame.

Concerning the high pitched sound that seems to ‘get faster’, is it related to the rpm of the engine or transmission or the wheels?

The ‘squeaky bed frame’ may be just that, a squeaky bed frame (on your truck). Just kidding!

That noise is likely caused by the twisting motion of the truck and MAY be coming from dry or worn strut or sway bar bushings.

did you inspect the donut ring gasket between the manifold pipe and the front exhaust pipe?

thinking if the muffler was shot, the pipe in front of it (or at least the gasket) may be shot too.

All trucks squeak when they age, it’s a characteristic of pickups.

As far as the high pitched sound goes, I would think maybe a vacume leak, but need more information on where it’s coming from.


What engine does this have? Does it happen to be the turbo-diesel?

No, not if it’s a 1500.

The noise only happens when im in drive. In reverse there is no noise. Also when i rev the engine there isnt a noise. Sorry i cant give a better description of the problem, but thanks for the comments so far. Im kind of an idiot when it comes to vehicles.