Brake Pedal Push Back 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

When slowing down for stop, when almost stopped, sometimes the brake pedal pushes back momentarily, makes a bit of a (errrr) noise, and for two or three seconds during the push back the brakes do not work. Mechanic has cleaned ABS wheel sensors. All brake pads are good. The truck computer shows all systems okay. All brake lines are new or one year old. Does any one have any suggestions? Thank you very much for your help. Flarky

Pull the abs fuse and try it again.

This happens on my 2001 Silverado. It is supposedly caused by rust where the sensor wire harness connects to the front rotors, as the rust separates the sensor just enough so it gives a false reading and activates the anti-lock brakes. You can pull off the sensors and try to clean off the area, but this could damage the sensors if you break the plastic inserts. The sensors cost about $90 - but you can get new wheel bearings with sensors already mounted for about $120 from RockAuto. In the meantime, you can pull the fuse for the anti-lock brakes and stop the chatter at low speeds, but you not have anti-lock brakes anymore plus the brake lights will be on all the time on your dash. It took me a long time to figure this out after many Internet searches. These are your only two options that I know of. My truck has 239,000 miles plus much rust from upstate New York, so I am not bothering to fix it and hope I can get another year out of the truck before replacing it. At 67 years old, the next truck I buy will probably be my last one, as I tend to keep them until they no longer cast a shadow. I hope this helps you with this problem.