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Truck jumps out of gear

I have a 91 Toyota Tacoma pickup. I recently changed the clutch, pressure

plate, and throw-out bearing in the vehicle. The truck has about 155,000

miles. My problem is this "under acceleration now, the transmission is jumping out of gear. What is the most likely problem? Is there a transmission problem now? or is there something I should haved checked before assembly or while I was putting the transmission back in? or Could I have done something incorrect in assembly of the parts when I put everything back in?

a likely cause is a problem separate from the clutch and w/in the transmission - in particular with worn gear synchronizers. if that is the case it will require a trans teardown.

When you re-installed the trans did it go right in? (you did not draw it in with the retaining bolts did you?)

No. I did not draw the trans back in, it all went together as one piece very easily. The truck will not shift into 4th and jumps out of gear when in 2, 3, and 5th gears. I am thinking something is miss aligned in the linkages.