Reasons for transmission to pop out of gear at speed


This Sat., 1/2/10 a woman called about a problem that started happening right after “new” mechanics had replaced her clutch. The problem was that she now had difficulty getting it into 5th gear and once in, it would pop out after a short time. The guys’ answer was that, as the newbies said, she had “dropped” 5th gear and needed a rebuilt tranny. In my experience it is far more llikely that the goofs screwed up the linkage when they re-installed the transmission. A simple thing to fix unless in the meantime she has actually suffered a lot of synchro and gear damage.


I’m with ajbock, sounds like a classic case of improperly adjusted shift linkages??

Monte Haun


I had a 1960 Baja Beetle when I was in high school that started popping out of gear
during a long trip. I had to loop my purse strap around the gear shift and wedge it
between the seats to keep it in gear all the way from California to Colorado.

It was bad linkage.


If your problem had occurred on its own, without the clutch replacement recently, I’d say the transmission was showing wear.

With the clutch replacement I think the linkage is not getting you all the way into 5th gear and then it is popping out. If you don’t get the linkage fixed soon then the transmission could be damaged. Take this back to the folks who did the clutch job and see if they can resolve your problem


It could also be a correctly adjusted linkage but a bad motor mount.