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Truck having issues

Hi all. I hope someone can help me here. I have a 97 chevy blazer. 4.3 vortex. Automatic transmission. About 5 months ago I went out to start my truck. It started fine but I couldn’t get it to move out of park. My stepdad (without my knowledge or consent) Jerry rigged something at my gear shift (I am single and car stupid sorry. Hopefully one of you will know what I am talking about) and my truck is able to go out of park. I have had other issues since he did the Jerry rigging. My turn signal fuse keeps blowing and today I had trouble getting my truck to start. It would turn over but wouldn’t fire.

I would like to find the cause of these issues (Hopefully they are related) and actually fix them because I hate my truck being Jerry rigged. Pretty sure they have to be related since the fuse issue started when my stepdad messed with my truck. I haven’t sought to fix the truck because I don’t trust him to fix things properly (He already messed with it once with asking me and things seemed to get worse). I am now back in Tennessee but not sure where to start to solve the issues. Please let me know if you have questions because I am not sure what to address to narrow down the problem but I can give you any info you need if I know what to look for. Sorry if I haven’t provided all needed info in this post.

Doubt if all three issues are related. If you don’t want your stepdad to try and fix it (for free), find a shop near you in the Mechanics Files on this sight and be prepared to pay for it.


I can’t add a thing to @oldtimer_11’s post +1

I expect OP already knows the best way to repair cars is to use a well recommended shop who has the experience, expertise, facilities, and equipment to do it correctly. If you want to diy’er fix this OP, suggest you focus on one problem at a time. Find out what the jerry rig was to get it to shift out of Park, and fix that right proper. A common reason you can’t shift out of Park is b/c the brake pedal interlock isn’t working correctly. That’s a safety mechanism used to prevent children left in the car from accidentally driving the car through the 7-11 plate glass window when the parents go inside for a big gulp. You have to press on the brake to get it to shift out of Park. That could be something simple, like the brake pedal part of that gadget needs adjustment.