Shift cable issues


I have a 2004 Chevy Avalanche and I just started doing repairs by myself instead of taking it to a shop to save money (I’ve only done an oil change) but I am mechanically inclined as I was an engineer in the Navy.

I recently broke my shift cable (so I think) and I was hoping maybe someone with more auto experience could verify the problem for me.

I was trying to take the dashboard off and I had the truck in the bottom gear and then I finally got it off which turned the key, shutting the truck off.

Upon taking my foot off the break the truck started to roll back while it was in park (I was on top of a hill in my home parking lot) and I was able to safely back it up against a curb. It hasn’t started since I had accidentally disengaged the key. I also can’t see what gear it is in after turning the key as the cluster gauge doesn’t work (might be a blown fuse).

I’ve read a lot on the shift cable issues and I see it closely relating to my problem.

The truck also needed to be jumped everytime I wanted to start it before the incident as the battery is dead but if it was a battery issue I don’t see why it would’ve rolled in park.

I’m also going to add that everytime I jumped it in the past it would crank but after the incident I hear nothing from the engine or starter after turning the key. All lights are on and the headlights bright when I turn the key, just won’t start which I believe is due to the shift cable.
I hope to hear from the experts, thanks!

The transmission pawl might be broken.It prevents the car from rolling when the car is in park.

Someone needs a real shop to look at this vehicle because they are just in over their head . Vehicles are not as easy to repair as some people think .

Your problems are ALL over the map. From your post it seems there is an electrical problem, a transmission problem, a steering column linkage problem and your explanation lacks quite a bit of info.

I own a 2004 Av so I know what to ask… Half ton or 3/4 ton model? 2WD or 4WD model? How many miles on it?

Why were you doing this? If the truck is in the bottom gear, it isn’t in park and it will roll. Was the engine running while you did this? And why?

Why do you think this happened? Did you get under the truck a LOOK to see if the shift lever on the trans moved when someone moved the shift lever?

So did you get the column and dash back together? Properly?

Seems like your mechanical inclination is at the pre-school level @joneszusn_170168. There’s an old truism, “you need to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run,” and your vehicle has rolled off down the hill leaving you looking up at the sky. I strongly suggest you get the truck into a qualified mechanic and get everything back in good running order. It would be advisable to have a shop manual, Mitchell on Demand or Alldata online when you take on the next project.