Truck has no power on a load

When i am driving up a hill the truck has no power to clime the hill. When i am hulling fire wood and push on the gas peddle it will not pick up speed. I have timed, put new plugs, and plug wire on, new roter cap, and roter on. I have checked vacumlines. What else can i do?

What year is the truck? Carbureted or fuel injected? Have you checked the fuel pump?

Fuel starvation or exhaust blockage are your two primary possibilities. Then there’sjust a whipped engine with poor compression.

run a compression test, wet and dry and bleed down. That will tell you if you have one of the other two problems or not. An additional possability is that the clutch is worn out and slipping if it is a manual tranny.

my truck is a 1983 ford, the fuel pump is operated by the cam, and it has a carburter.

Change fuel filter.

What type tranny, does it downshift with a load on it? I agree with the others.