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Ford has no power going up hills

we have a 1993 ford tempo anyway this car cuts out while excellerating or trying to go up a hill and has no power goes into passing gear while trying to climb but won’t exceed 35 mph Help Please

And the mileage on this car is…? You might try replacing the fuel filter, then the spark plugs…Is the CEL on?? (check engine light)

How is the fuel filter? If it hasn’t been replaced lately replace it. The same goes for air filter, spark plugs & wires. Check the fuel pressure too (after a new filter).

I wish my 87 had done that so I could have got rid of it. I couldn’t get permission. The 87 used to have an inertia switch in the trunk. If you have hit a big bump or pothole the switch could have been halfway released and you should reset it if you have one. You may not have one.

Cutting out could be anything; plugs, wires, fuel filter or failing fuel pump, faulty TFI-IV ignition module, ignition timing off (easy to do on these), clogged catalytic converter, etc.

It could even be a serious engine mechanical fault; low compression, etc. There’s just not enough info given or known about this car to get close on the guessing.