Our 98 Buick LeSabre car is running rough and jerky at all speeds. We have already replaced the plugs and wires. Could it be the inline fuel filter, or a carburetor or fuel injection problem? Any ideas?

Well, I can rule out a carburetor problem for you.

Is your check engine light on?

Yes, the engine light stays on, and sometimes blinks.

Thank You. It must be fuel injected then.

Then the first step is to get the codes read. Why waste time guessing?

By the way, a flashing check-engine light usually means damage is being done. I hope you haven’t been driving it that way very long.

Thank You. I’ll get it checked right away.

It seems the public’s viewpoint on check engine lights have a wide range. Some people won’t use the system and other groups feel that “the computer in the car can tell you exactly what is wrong”.

Automotive issues are very frequently the choice for strangers to talk about when you meet at something like a “no one knows everybody holiday get together” it is sometimes very hard not to correct automotive misconceptions at these events. At times I think politicts or religon would be safer subjects.


Most parts stores will read the codes free…Post the code(s) back here for a more complete diagnosis…