Engine shut off in '89 Buick Le Sabre

I recently drove from Dallas to Austin (over 200 miles) in my Le Sabre without issue. When I got to Austin however, immediately after starting my car, the engine would shut off. The ‘service engine soon’ light comes on whenever it dies. It seems like it’s out of gas when this happens (it’s not.) A couple of Jiffy Lube guys looked at it for me, revved the engine, and suggested fuel injection cleaner (though the fuel gauge wasn’t running down any faster than usual) and spark plugs (which I’ve recently had replaced.) The car was fine for about two days and is now shutting off again.

There is no smoke or evidence of overheating, I just had my oil changed a month ago, and used a long distance formula (because of frequent trips between Austin and Dallas.) There are no unusual noises that I can tell and my fluids look good. Lights stay on after the engine stops so it’s not the battery…

Is there anything I can do outside of taking it in?


Fuel injection cleaner won’t do anything except make some money for the guys selling it. You need to find out what the trouble codes are. Most parts stores will read them for free. The codes will point you in the direction of the problem.

The light is there to tell you something is going wrong. It could be lots of things. The only way to know is to read the codes.