Troubleshooting wheelbearing replacement

i recently had a wheel bearing go bad on the front of my 2000 dakota sport.
i replaced the wheel bearing assembly on both sides. it was good for 2 days then the noise came back when turning in either direction.thinking possible mechanic error i reordered the parts and replaced both parts again. same result, good for 2 days then same problem.
we did not replace the hub nut either time and since it says do not reuse im wondering if this could be the issue? i ordered the same parts both times could it be incorrect parts? [i ordered from parts geek]
my truck is 2 wheel drive rear wheel drive any help or suggestions of where i could find help would be a huge help

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1st thing I would do is to do the job correctly the 1st time… If the spindle nut says right on it DO NOT RE-USE and you re-use it anyway and then have issues with the bearing(s) acting up right away twice in a row, you may have found your issue…

If I read it right, looks like the torque spec is 185 ft/lbs for the spindle nut once you replace everything again with a NEW spindle nut… lol

Ask the mechanic if they used an impact gun to tighten the axle nuts.

If so, that’s what’s causing the short bearing life.


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i do try to do it right the first time and had i been aware that it said that on the nut i would have ordered those also. these things happen when you dont do the work yourself and i should have known better.
im really hoping its as simple as that.

as in you are not supposed to use the impact?
i will check on that as well this time around, thanks

There is a nylon locking ring in the spindle nut to keep it from coming loose, but that is probably not the problem. You need to identify the cause or source of the noise. New wheel bearings shouldn’t make noise, your brake pads might be causing the noise.

i agree they shouldnt make noise. but if it quits for 2 days when i replace the bearing assembly isnt it unlikely to be something else making the noise? this is my thought process anyway, if im thinking wrong please feel free to tell me how cause obviously im missing something. . .

The original wheel bearing you believed to be faulty, was it actually faulty upon bench-inspection, after you removed it?

I presume the noise was only heard on that side before replacing it right? After you replaced it and the other side’s bearing, was the noise (2 days later) heard on both sides, or still on only the one side?

both sides and the original one we replaced was because of the noise and lots of play when we wiggled the tire. dont know about when we took it off

Ouch, I can’t say we’re dealing with the same thing, But soon after Discount Tire gave us a new set of front tires and balanced them, They mounted the new tires on the front of the van. while driving home, we kept hearing a wom wom sound. but not all the time. So I though maybe the discount tire tech over tightened the lugs and they did. Plus they damaged the wheel rings. So we’re having to isolate this is by new wheel rings, check the tires for round rebalance and then alignment check. I fear that it could be CV or bearings. When I complain to the general manager of that shop, he refunded 100.00 of our money. so this helped us get new rings and tomorrow a few more things will be checked. I just can’t see the bearing going out this soon. But we’ve had the struts go out in less than 2 years of driving.

I’ve seen many cheap hub bearings go bad very quickly… Most of the time it was the cheapest selection bearings from a parts store, always buy the good stuff, you get what you pay for most of the time…

Do you have some brand selections? I’ve heard say Timken is a pretty good brand choice for bearings. Me, I wouldn’t be buying any no-name bearings for vehicle use myself.

Napa has a PBR930205 line(NAPA Proformer Bearings) and a BR930205 line (SKF), the PBR line for a hub bearing w/abs is about $50.00 less than the BR line for the same part… The PBR is junk and the BR I have had very little issues with…

Others have
Good = MOOG, Precision
Bad = MasterPro, Driveworks
And you should know by now I don’t like AZ parts… lol

I used only Timken bearings in my rear end when I built it… I knew I was going to abuse the Heck out of it… lol

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