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Trouble with2004 chrysler sebring

My wife’s 2004 sebring has recently developed a problem where it acts like it either stalls momentarily and restarts or the transmission slips for a second and re-engages. After one of these episodes the car runs rough for a short time. The car has 75000 mi. and the spark plugs, distributer cap and rotor have about 10,000 mi. on them.

engine size,?

check engine light on?

do you notice if the tachometer is jumping is sequence with the staalling, or engaging? engine load or a transmission problem?

either way the cel light should get triggered by this.

depends where the problem is (here again this is not a CAN, the prob will not always trigger a CEL,SES,.

BLOOM where you are planted.

Check engine light is not on. It happens too fast and without warning so I don’t know what the tach is doing.

2.3 liter 4 cylinder.

It helps if you tell us under what circumstances this happens. Is the car at idle? What speed is the car traveling? Has the driver’s foot just been taken off the gas pedal? Engine is hot or cold? Etc.

The car is idling when this happens. I only notice it when I first shift into gear just after starting up but the car does not do it every time, only on occasion. That’s why I can’t determine what the proglem is. It does it briefly then maybe not again for 2 or 3 days.