the car runs good the problem is when i slow down when i hit the 30mph and it shifts gear down it jumps a little, so i don’t know if i need a new transmission or change the tranny oil and filter or what? can you guys advise me please Chrysler Sebring 2004 4dr 4cylinder 120,000mls

Well, surely trans service is overdue. You’ll get a few chicken little’s here that will advise against it. If it’s feels like it’s “banging” when transitioning, it could be slightly prolonged co-engagement going on. Now if you mean a “flare” …where the engine sorta rev’s a little and then the trans grabs, that can be a number of things. Most of them are serviceable by a good trans shop without doom attached to it.

I like to do an Auto-Rx treatment before changing the filter and fully exchanging the fluid. It assures that any varnished valve body surfaces are clean. (

Transman will be along to give you the authoritative advise soon.

well the engine feels good is just the tranny that does the little jump i don’t hear any banging

I’d ask around for a reputable independent trans shop. Go and ask the guru (typically the owner) to do a road test and let him experience the issue. See what he says.

I will do, thank you so much

You need to scan the computer for codes. When you feel a harsh downshift (Usually around 30 MPH) there is usually a code set. When you feel that harsh downshift take it directly to a local auto parts store and have them connect their code reader. DO NOT shut off the engine or you could reset a pending code. Hook up the scanner with the engine still running.